Mondezz Company Limited is a dynamic company that was founded in 2013. We have a Catering arm (Mondezz Catering Services) offering outdoor/indoor services. We are located in Kiwatule, Kazinga Zone, Ruth Road, Plot No.1760, Block No. 220 and our Sales office is Located in Bulenga, Plot no, Block no. Our Box number is 216 Ntinda, Kampala. You can email us at info@mondezzcateringserivices, mondezzn@gmail.com

Let us be the gateway to your next catered event. Our full-service catering company not only provides great-tasting food with outstanding service at competitive prices, we can also orchestrate events at the venue of your choice. If you are ready to get started, contact our team to book our catering services in and around Kampala


To be a Catering Firm of choice, now and for generations!


To attain our Vision through excellence, innovation, quality, and value with a service that continually surpasses our clients’ expectations.

Our Special Facilities Makes You Happy

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Just Dial (+256) 392 614 146

We love what we do and enjoy serving our clients the best food that is to their taste. As a company we also have the arm of supplying clients’ fresh foods and dry foods (cereals) on order.


Our Core Values

Values represent our aspirations; they shape our corporate identity and future. We put them into practice to partner and create long-term benefits for customers, employees, suppliers, and the community we live in.

We are committed to proactively identifying and meeting the needs of our clients.

Service Excellence

We are dedicated to the success of every event, our passion, purpose, and pride are the driving forces behind our team.


We refuse to compromise on our quality, making us a reliable resource and dependable partner.


We all work to add value and exceed our clients' and customers' expectations. We listen to their requests, understand their expectations, and constantly strive to add value to our services and products.

Customer Focus

We continuously promote people's capabilities and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity and creativity of individuals and ideas. We provide learning opportunities and a forum for people to express their creativity, and foster an environment of continuous improvement through innovative ideas.

Creativity & Innovation

We act with Integrity in all we do. Each member of our team is personally accountable for the highest ethical behaviour, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work.